Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jacob, this is for you

I know someone has been "patiently" waiting for this post for a while so here it goes, now please get off my back:) While looking for plane tickets to Hawaii I added my email to every airline website to be contacted for great deals on airfare. With the outrageous cost of gas, the deals had been very few and far between. However, I opened an email and saw tickets to select cities for $49!!!! I had been waiting for an excuse to go and visit Peri and her new husband Jacob in Denver and I thought with airfare that cheap I had to do it, my heck, you couldn't even drive there for that price. Needless to say I booked the tickets and spent an amazing couple of days up there with the happy couple and my aunt and uncle. The trip was perfect. The weather was awesome, we pampered ourselves, we went for an enjoyable hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, laughed our guts out, and spent a whole lot of time relaxing. It was just what I needed and even losing 4 games of Sequence could not ruin the trip (Jacob, I hope you know that was all luck and next time you are going down) I would also like to note, however that I came back and totally redeemed myself in our bowling showdown so I kind of made up for it:) Thank you guys so much for having me and being such great hosts. You two are the best.

The following picture is of the two "whimp-o Nicki Kreinky's" (don't even ask) Peri's parents were are source of entertainment for most of the trip:)

Jacob had been telling us on the drive up to the National Park that the place was covered with elk. We were all very disappointed as we drove around and were not able to see a single one. Just when we were all losing faith in Jacob, we turned around the corner and saw this.

Peri talked a mean game plan when it came to bowling, but totally failed to deliver. We thought the scores may have humbled her a bit but she was already talking trash again before we even made it back to the car:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby "B"s Shower

A co-worker of mine is soon to be a mom for the first time. We love Eva and wanted to throw her a little baby shower. We decided it would be fun to invite all the employees to come and celebrate. We had good food, Eva got some great gifts and we all enjoyed a little Rockband. We are all so excited to meet the new baby. Because Eva refuses to tell anyone the name we refer to the little guy as baby "B".

Rockband action shots

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Right to Remain Silent :)

I will be the first to admit that I am am not the biggest fan of Halloween. For years now I have protested even getting dressed up. This year i finally gave into the peer pressure and went all out. Sam and I decided to head to Provo for a change of scenery and some stellar parties:) We had a blast and saw some great costumes. Here is a recap of the night in pictures. Hope you enjoy. Happy Halloween!

There are no words to describe just how much I loved this costume. Probably one of my all time favorites.

The famous " Captain Underpants" WOW!!!

Loved it:)

Chelce's good friend Kit got us VIP access. We owe him big.

The long awaited summer recap is coming. Please be patient:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

Ok, so for those of you who still check back here in hopes that I have posted something new...This is for you. I will give you fair warning though, the contents of this blog will in no way be as exciting as what has already been posted and may not even be worth your time to check back, but I am doing this for my avid followers, you know who you are. I hope I don't leave you disappointed. No time to post all the updates just yet, there are far too many, but check back soon because I am promising you I will do it:)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

We figured snorkeling was one thing we needed to do before we left here. We had put the activity off until my mom and grandma came. We left the house this morning at 5 to make sure we got at least three good hours of small crowd snorkeling. I was a little nervous when we were told a bunch of jellyfish had come into the bay because of the full moon(yeah not really sure why that has anything to do with it but that is what were told). After getting on our gear and learning how to breathe under the water, it only took us about two minutes to spot a jellyfish and another thirty seconds for Chelce to get stung. I did not handle that well. I was really brave though and took a little tour in the other direction and was able to see some pretty cool sea creatures. My mom loved it and we even got my grandma in the water. For anyone who knows my grandma that is quite the feat.

The only good thing about leaving at 5 was we got to watch the sun rise.

Us in our gear ready to go.

And this is proof of Chelce's jellyfish encounter.

Polynesian Cultural Center

After two months of waiting we finally got to go and spend the day at the PCC. The place is amazing. The whole park sits on 40 acres and is set up to look and feel just like six of the islands of the Pacific. Each of the islands had a little presentation and we got a pretty good laugh at a couple of them. The highlight would definitely have to be the night show. The lights, the dancing, the music, the fire etc. were incredible. I would recommend it to anyone who comes to Hawaii. It is a definite must.

I just had to post this picture. I do not think I have laughed so hard in my whole life. There were tears and I am not kidding.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swap Meet and Pearl Harbor

So my mom and grandma made it here yesterday afternoon. It was so good to see them. However, they are on a completely different sleep schedule than we are. Both of them were wide awake at 4:30 this morning! The three of us also had a rough nights sleep so when 5:30 came around we were all up and ready to go. We headed to the swap meet and walked around the entire stadium going through all the vendor shops. We all got a few souvenirs and after suffering from heat stroke(man it was hot today) we got back in the car and rode to Pearl Harbor. We were able to see the movie and take the boat out to the USS Arizona Memorial. The trip was pretty educational and you left feeling pretty appreciative.

We took our visitors into Waikiki for dinner after picking them up at the airport.

Our ONLY source of air conditioning at the Swap Meet.

A few pictures from Pearl Harbor.